YouTube, The Spoiled Child.

Wikimedia Commons

For many, YouTube is a big platform that allows them to watch for a multitude of reasons. It also allows content creators to spread their message to the world. YouTube has been around for over a decade now and people that posted to it then are still posting to this day.

The relevant sharing of information through YouTube is really what keeps it alive. Influencers such as content creators drive the communities. There have been many controversial topics that have surrounded YouTube to shape it into what it is now.

YouTube is up there with Instagram and Twitter as one of the most popular apps because you can create, share and enjoy videos on your own or with others. It can be used to learn concepts and ideas that you wouldn’t have looked for on your own. This is the YouTube algorithm playing it’s game to get to know you.

There are millions of videos out there of all kinds to experience. Full 360 degree videos have been out for a while and virtual reality videos are being produced as well. That kind of sharing is what makes this one of the favorites.

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