Finals are around the corner for some and here right now for most, so how can you prepare for your exams while also keeping the rest of your life balanced? Well thanks to some help from College Info Geek, I have just the answer for you. I also recommend all students check out College Info Geek, Tomas Frank has done a great job putting together tips and tricks to making college as painless and possible.

Studying for exams is only have the battle, you also need to take the test and I will cover some tips that Thomas mentioned on his website. First it’s important you actually make time for studying, it won’t happen if you don’t make the time for it. So, Thomas and I recommend that you make a schedule, outline times that you are really going to use to study and stick to it. What you want to do:

  • Minimize procrastination- procrastination is the death to all productivity, the trick is to set a timer for studying. I set an alarm for 30 min to and hour and once it’s up I know I can take a break for 10 minutes
  • Study the most effective way possible- we all learn differently, find the best way you learn and try to make all your studying
  • Spend the most time on the most important materials- these can either be the topics the professor has said will be on the test or topics you struggle the most on.
  • Manage your health and stress levels- if you don’t take care of yourself then you’re just setting yourself up to fail for the exam.

Those are the tips I have for you, if you want more then I recommend going and checking out College Info Geek for more amazing tips and tricks for being a college king/queen.

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