Study With Me If You Want to Live

It’s the dawn of the apocalypse.

The study place is like a wasteland.

Final exams to be crammed.

Final papers to be written.

Final tears to be shed over your college degree.

Will you survive?

Never fear, because I am here as your guide on how to get through finals season.

Here is a list of the top five free apps to use to help improve your study habits.

  1. Wunderlist – Great app for students to be able to keep track of looming deadlines—whether that would be final papers, group projects, presentations, and final exams. Upgrade to Wunderlist Pro for file attachment capabilities.
  2. Quizlet – Good memorization app, offers a plethora of different techniques through study modes and games.
  3. Flora – Good productivity app for students to be able to limit their personal distractions. When a student decides on a goal a timer starts with the time of your choosing. If you leave the app running on your phone then the tree will progressively grow larger. If you exit out of the app the tree will die.
  4. Evernote – Great organizational app for students to have all of their notes, audio recordings of lectures, and attachments all in one place.
  5. Exam Countdown Lite – Never forget about a final exam again with using this timekeeping app. Know the day of your doom from months to seconds in advance. Never say the words “I didn’t know there was an exam” ever again.

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