Podcasts Worthy of Your Time

Podcasts are one of my favorite forms of new media. They have decentralized and democratized the traditional notion of the radio show that so many if us grew up with so that more stories can be shared whilst providing a platform for more questions to be asked in the public sphere. No longer are the airwaves controlled by a few voices, audiences hold more power as their subscriptions drive metrics. A few notable and enticing podcasts to start off your journey towards advancing your inner dialogue would be: The Joe Rogan Experience or Under The Skin With Russell Brand. These two podcasts utilize well crafted star factor, comedy and critical argument skills to pick through conversations that will hopefully advance humanity’s understanding of each other.

For a lesser know set of hosts with just as much to offer I would turn to Balanced Pursuits with Jen Hudak and Kristi Leskinen, both amazing extreme athletes during a time where men dominated that job title. “A podcast for dreamers and doers” hosted by two women who know how to push boundaries and serves as an exploration of “the grit, fire and determination it takes to create a life you love.” Podcasts can add a bit of entertainment or wisdom to your day all without the worry of missing the conversation because you weren’t sitting in your car in traffic at the right time.

Subscribe and download with your favorite podcast app, itunes (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/balanced-pursuits/id1432247906?mt=2) OR simply go to the podcast site https://www.balancedpursuits.com/ to download episodes, listen, subscribe or all of the above.

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