Study Efficiently With These Apps!

Finals and the last few weeks leading up to it are one of the time student dread for the most during the semester. Sure, Spring semester is almost over and Summer is just around the corner but it’s a time where we are overload with feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration. Everything is on the line when it comes to final exams or projects and usually they are worth more than half your grade. So don’t wait until the last minute to learn an entire semester worth of coursework. Start study for your finals early. Sure, you could study the old school way: Pen, paper and a textbook. Or, you could use technology and study for your finals right in the palm of your hands. Numerous education apps on the market can help you study for any class from Spanish to biology to calculus. Here are a few apps that can get you started:


If you are a student who enjoys learning with flashcards, then this flashcard study app is the perfect one for you. Make flashcards for any subject you need. You can customize your cards and once you’ve mastered a card, you have the ability to remove it from your deck. You can also add images and if you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your own flashcards, there are thousands you can download that have already been created by other students.


Sometimes the best way to work through an assignment is through brainstorming and mapping out new ideas and ways of interpreting information. The XMind study app is a mind-mapping software that can help with researching and with idea management. When you need your ideas to flow, this app is what you need. If you also have the Evernote app, you can export any mind maps create directly into your Evernote.


Evernote is the ultimate app to store and create class notes. Your notes can include photos, videos, audio and sketches to give you a variety of ways to study. This app allows for creation of to-do lists so you can organize when and what you need to study for your exam.

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite is a free app that will help you never forget your exam schedule again. It has a countdown feature that tells you how many minutes, days, weeks or months you have left until exam time. It has cool customizable features where you can change colors and icons and make it look snazzy. There are over 400 icons to choose from

Cite This For Me

If you have essays you have to write for your final exam this app will help make your bibliography perfect. You can search books, journals, websites, etc. on the app or scan a book barcode to generate a citation. The app allows you choose from more than 7000 styles to format your bibliography, so don’t worry if your professor wants different formats.

The best part is all these apps are free through your app store or Google play. Remember study smarter not harder and these apps can help you do that!

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