Build your own Forest

When it comes to studying, I have a really hard time putting my phone down. I pick it up every 5 minutes, sometimes every 2 minutes. It can be a really big nuisance when I’m trying to focus. Studying needs all of my attention, which means I can’t have outside forces affecting my focus. For me, it’s not enough to put my phone on airplane mode, because I’ll still end up checking it.

Let’s be honest for a second, who actually likes to study? Sometimes I have the want to study, but I think that’s because I know I need to do it, not because I actually enjoy it. If you enjoy studying, then props! I need a lesson out of your book.  

I finally found this app that helps me stay focused while I’m studying. It’s called Forest. In simple terms, the app is your own forest. You set a timer on the app for however long you need to stay focus, the app will then begin to build trees for your forest. If you leave the app before the timer has gone off, you lose the trees that are being built.

For me personally, it keeps me focused and off of my phone. When I go to check my phone and I see the tree growing, I put my phone back down and focus on my studying because I want my forest to grow.

How about building your own Forest?

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