Snocru: Your New Best Ski Buddy

Coming from the smaller ski areas of the East Coast, the sheer magnitude of the resorts that pepper the Utah Landscape can be quite daunting. The ability to coordinate with friends, see which lift they might be on or zone that they are shredding would be invaluable to maximizing your time on the hill. We all know the getting lost and traversing the whole mountain to find your friends or where on ear you parked your car. Calling or texting can only exacerbate the issue if you don’t know how to interpret a trail map or are relying on trail signs to get you to your hopeful destination. With ever increasing ticket prices, getting the most bang for your buck has become an increasing priority. Fret no more because the Snocru App can help solve these high altitude issues all whilst providing you with a social network and activity tracking metrics so you can really be proud of how many laps you made or vert skied this season.

Snocru allows you to “track your top speed, distance, altitude, vertical gain/ descent, number of runs and current slope angle.” You can build a “Cru” with your friends for the day or see who you might know around you on the app at the resort. Maps for most resorts are pre-loaded and navigation is amplified by Snocru’s resort monitoring system with weather and snow conditions so you can optimize your time on the hill.

The real fun is Snocru’s Leaderboards, where your ski metrics are pitted against other app users, creating a social network where you can compete and appreciate what other members of the Snocru are doing with their winters.

Elevate your experience and that of your friends this winter by using Snorcru to help you navigate the resorts. Track your mileage and be surprised with how fast you went or how much ground you covered. Strava for skis, you didn’t ski that pow if you weren’t making sure the Cru knew.

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