TED Talks: A Way to Access Inspiration

The Web 2.0 system has been a major improvement from the early edition of the World Wide Web. There are so many different applications you can use with this new edition. It’s easier to interact with, easier to contact people through social media, share photos and videos, the opportunities are endless. One of the biggest improvements of the Web 2.0 is how easier it is to gain information on it.  People can look up data to learn more about the world we live in. This allows people to gain ideas and get inspire to accomplish their goals.  

One major program that people can get inspiration from is from the site “TED.com”. This program is dedicated to invite people who have these ideas to solve different issues and give talks about their ideas to a worldwide audience. If you’re interested in a topic, TED talks almost had someone give a talk about that topic for you to discover.  This allows people to explore and inspire to improve the world. You can view them through video’s, articles, blogs, social media, and in person. There is so many ways a person can be inspired from.  That has always been TED’s main theme, “Ideas Worth Spreading”. 

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