4 social media platforms but only 1 can stay

I currently have 4 main social media platforms. And it can be extremely daunting and frustrating shifting through all the social media. Is it inevitable that there will be only one that everyone will operate from to make our lives a little easier? Or, does our future consist with even more platforms that we need to have to get our daily activities done. It sometimes reminds me of the mouse that keeps running on the wheel. You can see the rat trying to keep the pace but he is still in the cage not getting anywhere.

The 4 platforms I currently use is Facebook, twitter, snapchat, and Instagram.

I rarely use twitter and snapchat. With these two platforms I feel like I am really waisting my time. I am not really getting anywhere because I constantly scroll through the feed and it sometimes becomes more times than not that I see something that brings me value.

Which brings me to 2 platforms. Facebook and instagram. Now I feel like I am holding onto facebook because I do not want to loose the friends that I have met through the years. I believe that the connections I have made through the years have made an impact in who I am today.

Instagram is a new platform that is super awesome and fun. I am able to keep up with all the new trends, which is important in my situation. I get a lot of work done through instagram. And although I fully enjoy instagram even more than facebook. I would get rid of instagram before facebook. But, Who knows what the future has for us.

My expectation is that we can have more user friendly access to all these platforms at once and hopefully merge platforms for compatibility so that we don’t need to get rid of any platforms.

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