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The one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform or feature I would find most difficult to give up would be Marvel Unlimited. Marvel Unlimited is a service that provides subscribers with access to over 25,000 comic books. New issues that are released weekly appear on the platform six months after the release date. Subscribers can read comic books about all of the characters in the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men. All of the major comic book events such as Civil War, Avengers vs. X-Men, Secret Wars and The Infinity Gauntlet are included. Star Wars comic books are included as well in the Marvel Unlimited services. In addition, the service includes comic book story arcs that were written decades ago. It is essentially a massive comic book library for fans. I can read an entire story arc from a character or I can read multiple story arcs from several characters. The monthly subscription plan costs $9.99 before taxes. There are more savings with the annual membership. The annual membership costs $69 before tax. $69 before tax costs about $5.75 per month.

In my experience using the app, a maximum of twelve comic books can be downloaded to be read offline which is useful if I want to read comic books on the service and I am at a location that does not have strong cellular phone service. The service is a recommended addition for anyone who enjoys comic books and it will leave readers with no shortage of books to read.

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