Daddy YouTube

The one Web 2.0 platform I’d find hard to give up would be YouTube, whom we’ll refer to as Daddy YouTube.

So, who is Daddy YouTube?

Think of Daddy YouTube as the replacement dad that knows everything your sad, lame dad doesn’t.

You can learn any skill your parents might have neglected to teach you or be entertained by a variety of content whether it’s puppies playing with kittens or compilations people falling from ceilings.

It’s like the secret father your mom gets more enjoyment from than your real dad.

That’s why I’d be lost without it. I love being educated and entertained in one place with a video format. Without it, I’d have to read. Could you imagine?

With that said, I present the top six reasons YouTube is essential. Why only six? I’m not sure what comes after six.

  1. The wide range of free educational content
  2. The ability to express yourself and create content that reaches millions.
  3. An entertainment library for anything you can imagine.
  4. A vast online community to discuss/argue with.
  5. Immediate, trending news about current events.
  6. Fine-tuned to your interests and personality.

The dude with definitely no father issues,
Conner Warren

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