“Generation Like”

Growing in “generation like” is hard enough without your mom telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear and what type of poses will get you more likes. Furthermore, the part that bothered me the most about the video generation like is that a mom chuckles and says if she posts a full body picture of her preteen daughter, she will get more likes and says, “that’s the reality of it.” The mom is encouraging strangers to look at her daughter in swimsuits just to get a like. Even worse is that the mom is the one who told the girl to get into the swimsuit and took the full body picture!

The young girl then goes on the say that she “enjoys interacting with her fans”. Someone needs to introduce this family to the show to catch a predator. This young girl with her hundreds maybe even thousands of pictures is now taking to strangers who can be anyone and hid behind fake accounts and pictures. In the same interview, she reads some of her fan news and one says “I’m your biggest fan” Chances are is that her biggest fan is a stranger and that stranger is talking to a teenage girl while the mom encourages her to take more pictures and make more videos. 

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