Generation Like thoughts

After watching the documentary, “Generation Like” it really opened my eyes and really think about what is going on with social media and how it affects society. Some people use social media to share their opinions, others use it as a source of income, and some just use it to fit in and go with what everyone is talking about. It is something we can’t hide from and we just have to adapt and go along with it. 

A part of the documentary talks about this boy named Steven Fernandez. Originally he posted about skateboarding and all the flips and tricks he could do on it. Once he went viral he exploits himself just to take his family out of poverty which I understand but you don’t need to exploit yourself just for clout. 

Another part of the documentary that bothered me is when all the teens were sitting at the table trying to redo their friend’s Facebook page and all they were talking about were their likes and how many they have in 20 minutes. 

On the plus side, social media is a good way to get news out to a mass of people very fast and to get them to support your cause. I love the way social media unifies a group of people like the oreo campaign here

That talks about same sex marriage and how that cookie alone got a million likes just blows my mind! 

If you havent watched it watch it here!!

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