The Game of “Likes”

When Frontline did the episode of Generation Like ( It did a great job showing how social media has had an influence in everything we do now.  Business are taking the information from our social media and creating a profile for marketers to promote their products to us.  Company’s like Facebook are making billions off of our information but where does it go from here?  

Nextfilx did an episode in Black Mirror season three called Nosedive.  Where social media and likes becomes our currency.  Bryce Brown did a great breakdown on the episode on YouTube (  

Both Generation Like and Nosedive have a lot in common.  Both show the correlation of how we seek to find temporary pleasure and acceptance by getting a like.  Does seeking likes cause people to do things that they are not?  I think most people have a social media presence that is not them. 

I don’t think that chasing likes makes us any happier in fact I think it wears on us and breaks us down. Social media is not going away anytime soon since it has taken over so many peoples life but it is important that we find the balance in our own life to be able to appreciate what is going on and if we don’t get as many likes as we want that we don’t let us influence our happiness.  

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