“Generation Like”

“Generation Like” is an insightful documentary on the impact social media has developed in society. Social media has attracted many people who are of the millennial generation. Young people view social media platforms as another way to maintain communication with family and friends. “Generation Like” shows how young people use the platforms to inform other peoplewhat they are passionate about. For example, there is a girl, Haley, interested in The Hunger Games novels and films who expressed her hobby through networking on the social media platforms. She became active in entering contests in a mission to be rewarded with the title of being the number one fan of The Hunger Games franchise. Haley mentioned in the documentary she spends hours liking and retweeting posts but believes the time spent on the social media platforms is worth the reward. 


The documentary leaves me to conclude about the dangers of social media overload and that people should be aware of the amount of time they are spending on one or multiple social media platforms. The danger can lead to an obsession with social media platforms where people spend the majority of their time searching the platforms.

Photo courtesy of https://achievehappy.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/technology-temperance-why-abstaining-from-social-media-might-be-a-good-thing/ The people interviewed for “Generation Like” clearly spend a lot of time on social media platforms and advertisers are aware of this. Advertisers view this as an opportunity to increase their businesses. According to the following article, https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/social-media-advertising/#the-6-best-social-networks-for-ecommerce-advertising, the benefit for advertisers is that the opportunities to increase their businesses is limitless. According to the documentary, the people interviewed did not appear to be as concerned about their online privacies or how much time that they were spending on social media. Based upon my experience using social media platforms, the interpretation I have of the people interviewed in the documentary is that they are addicted to the platforms and do not appear to be as concerned about their privacy. The people are more concerned about expressing themselves on the platforms and being rewarded for their fandom of their interests.

-Matt Grazel

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