Tinder: Hot or Not?

Tinder is approaching it’s tenth anniversary of internet existence, but how much longer will it exist? The concept of “Hot or Not?” is actually not so hot anymore. Tinder is a mobile phone application that allows anyone over the age of eighteen to make themselves a dating profile with pictures and a small biography. You choose if you want to “swipe right” or “swipe left” on someone else’s profile to determine if you’re interested or not.

According to Michael Tuda’s article from Medium.com, this is not the future of dating. Although for some time, it has been popular among various age groups. I even know a handful of people who met their spouse on Tinder. Tuda claims that “Tinder and the “Hot or Not” concept will continue to deflate.” It seems that these kinds of dating apps have become over saturated with users, making it hard to really find someone among sorting through dead accounts and ones you’re not interested in. Apps like Tinder are also facing the problem of trying to reverse completely free mobile dating; they’ve recently launched Tinder Gold, which allows you to have access to more features or float you to the top of the pool of matches, for a price.

Niche applications are also dying. Apps like Farmers Only, a dating site made for only farmers, is not-so surprisingly not working out very well. In the next few years mobile dating is going to become more complex. With Virtual Reality and AI becoming popular among users, the simple “Hot or Not” won’t be cutting it anymore; not when users could find matches based on much more complex algorithms based on their activity. Big changes are coming to the online dating scene. Read more here.

-Porshai Nielsen

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