Generation Like

I found the documentary, Generation Like by PBS extremely interesting.  It outlined the effects of social media on our everyday lives and showed how much of an impact it was making on teens today.  It gave several examples of teens either revealing themselves online for the sake of instant gratification of “likes” and the amount they got in comparison to a more modest photo.  It also showed a teen going out of his way to make himself look dumber for views on the internet. 

In this article by Rachel Ehmke, it discusses the impacts of social media, much like the Generation Like documentary.  I think that social media can be a very helpful tool from the business standpoint and how we market products, and more recently, ourselves, but I think that when we look at the examples given, it makes me wonder where social media is taking our society.  It makes it acceptable and validating to do random stupid things that normally, we would never do, but if its for the internet, it is okay.  From the documentary, I noticed that the mom was encouraging her daughter to post the full body photos because those are the photos that received more likes.  Before social media was a thing, something like this would have never happened. 

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