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In this article, it discusses the ever changing and evolving industry of media.  From the beginning of how media was treated, to now.  This industry is constantly changing and that is why Web 2.0 is necessary.  Web 2.0 is defined as how the industry is evolving to a more social and collaborative platform.  That is why social media is being taken to a new level.  It is that things like Facebook and Instagram is allowing users to connect with one another and being in a more social environment.  This shift in technology has allowed for brands to have a social presence on the web.  This changes how both businesses and society functions.  From the way we interact on the web to the frequency we use it.  Aside from social media, the web has become more interactive than ever.  For the first time, companies could respond to their customers directly instead of going through desktop applications. We have come to the point that currency can now be considered a weblink. Web 2.0 doesn’t have a specific definition because it is just the way our society has transformed to an interactive society that uses the internet as a basis or people connecting with people, there are a number of ways as to how people choose to define it.  Our society has now made the leap into shifting into this interactive ways, but Web 3.0 is on the rise and it is unclear if we have already made it to that point. 

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