The Front Page Of The Internet

I am a relatively new user to reddit. At first, it was quite overwhelming and seemed pretty complicated to navigate. Luckily, some of my co-workers and friends are already experienced users on reddit and were able to show me some great pages and subreddits. This article is all about how reddit works, what it’s used for and why it’s considered the front page of the internet. With 330 Million users all simultaneously upvoting and downvoting content; one can imagine how new memes, pictures, news and virtually anything can become trending on the internet. The gist is someone makes some sort of of content and posts it to a reddit page. The post usually fits into the subject and rules of the page. (For example r/nature, is all pictures of nature) People then can upvote or downvote that content. The more upvotes the content gets the more popular it becomes until it is trending. Often times, you will see something first on reddit, then you will begin to see it on other sites like instagram and facebook. It serves as a testing ground for content, and if it does well on reddit it’s probably going to do well on other social media sites.

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