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Aramis Hicks.

It’s interesting to consider using social media platforms as apart of a business, weather it be written, photographed, or recorded there are really only five major powers accumulating all of the content the billions of users post and promote. An article by The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson titled “The Unbearable Lightness of Tweeting” in this Thompson chronicles his relationship as a writer with Twitter. Visiting an interesting new Twitter feature with View Twitter Activity allowing users to see there accounts engagement among the masses, his example he had a tweet linking back to an article he wrote for the Atlantic, that left 155,260 impressions, had 9,017 people engage with it. Yet only 1% of people who engaged clicked, and worse then that, only 0.7% of people did click to check out the article, with these numbers in mind it’s hard not to feel as though no matter how.much engagement we all get through these platforms all it’s really going to are these platforms themselves, while social media is meant to be a personal platform for engagement through the years its become so much more. It’s a not only a link to who we personally are also ways for businesses as well as people to promote there brands, or so it would seem. Yet to wrap up the article Derek wrote that “Something I already suspected has now been made crystal clear: 99 percent of my work on Twitter belongs to Twitter.” Its a game we all play, and can be successful under. Weather it be getting eyeballs on you for your written, photographed, or recorded work, but how much of that work will be actually viewed is another question entirely

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