Surviving the end of semester

 In the wise words of Nike’s slogan “Just do it”. Just do it is my tip for surviving the semester. Yes, it sucks and there are a million other things that sound better than homework and final assignments. Ultimately, however, you are the one who set a goal to go the school and get a higher education. You are the one who enrolled in the class or classes that you are currently in. You knew before you started that it would require hard work discipline and your time.  You are the one that needs to focus and set the time aside to finish it. There are only a couple weeks left and with the help of Redbull and a goodnight’s sleep and diet anything is possible.

            What is great about finals this semester is it happens to fall very close to thanksgiving break. That being said the school is closed Thursday and Friday which gives you an additional two days to get to work. You can tell your family that you have homework and save you from having to shop and prepare and cook a dish to bring. That is, in my opinion, it is a great excuse to get out of cooking and get to the good part which is the eating. I have faith in you and myself to buckle down and get typing. We are not the first to struggle with college and we certainly will not be the last. Take that famous Nike slogan to heart and “Just do it”. 

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