Adult Christmas traditions


The holidays are fun and very stressful so how do you balance them? Well me personally with lots of alcohol. A fun holiday tradition in my family is that we all find a fun yet creative cocktail to share with the family at a Christmas party. While we are all starting to have fun with the evening, we gift our spouse and children with the best or worst pajamas we can find so they look silly. For example, my husband gave me a panda bear onesie and he got a hot pink and cheetah-print with one fuzzy sock to wear. While laughing at our funny outfits we play card and board games or watch Jim Carrys Grinch (the best grinch). After the night is over you have a choice to a sleepover or to take an uber home. The next day my mom prepares a breakfast that is both yummy but also makes you feel better from the night before.  We enjoy not giving each other gifts but just spending time together and eating all the best and worst for your food. My favorite is the chocolate orange and iced coffee.

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