Instagram is my be-all-end-all app, don't @me…

Now I don’t want to sound like your typical basic girl, but the only Web 2.0 platform that I would 100% NEVER give up would be Instagram. It is basically the ultimate platform where you can access practically everything you would ever want to from the internet. The ‘gram is perfect for communicating with friends or family that don’t live near you, giving intimate insight into the lives of celebrities and influencers, and making your life appear way better than it actually is to complete strangers. If we want to get even more savvy with our social media, we could even bring in an income with a square-shaped snapshot of us in some shoes that were gifted to us.

I love the concept of Instagram to the point where I literally wrote my college essay on my Instagram feed to answer the question of, “what would your college application be incomplete without?” Now I know that may sound a little shallow, but think about it for a second. If used wholesomely, Instagram has the ability to create a visual patchwork of your life, where you can show your audience all the moments and memories that make you who you are. At least for myself, my feed is where I get to express and be playful with my creativity, in regards to creating photo themes on Lightroom or coming up with the perfect caption that doesn’t involve a bunch of random emojis (Shameless username plug: @maddiepercy_)

Instagram also allows me to have access to content and information that may otherwise be difficult for me to find in literally the easiest way possible. I follow this one account that reposts photos that have been trending during the week and changes the captions to important information about global events or important social/political topics. I really like this account because I feel as though it adds value to my feed and I am not totally wasting time when I am scrolling on the application. It is also really useful when I am traveling because it helps me to find interesting restaurants and things to do/see in cities that I have never been to. I know that this platform gets a lot of criticism over what its content promotes, but Instagram is like most things in life, if you put a lot into it (ie. following and creating interesting and creative content) then you get a lot out of it.

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