BEST NEW PODCAST ALERT: We Bought a House with Claudia Sulewski and Finneas


This podcast is by Claudia Sulewski, an iconic lifestyle YouTube sensation, and her boyfriend Finneas, who is a Grammy award-winning producer, song-writer, and singer. Oh, I forgot to mention he is the older brother of Billie Eilish and his impressive credentials are all related to his writing and production of his sister’s album. The started this podcast…. errr well because….. they bought a house – duh. I started listening to it because I am a long-term lover of Claudia’s YouTube content, but listening to it is the next-best-thing. I listen to it because I find their topics engaging and fun to listen to. I also love it because each episode goes for an hour and it isn’t too outrageous with its content, which makes it the perfect thing to listen to while I am working out or to have on in the background while I’m doing other things. I also love how, even though their lives are not normal by any regards, they are still a normal, down to earth couple, and their connection is really wholesome and heartwarming. There is also a sense of one-on-one connection with their listeners, which is also present in Claudia’s videos on her channel too.

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