The Rise of TikTok

This article is about the rising popularity of the new app TikTok, which is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly with Generation Z users. It is a social media platform, owned by a Chinese media company, where users post videos (up to 60 seconds long) about anything they want, which can include dance, lip-sync, and comedy skit videos. The app also provides exposure opportunities to other artists, like musicians, since users are able to add tracks to their videos, which provide exposure to other users through features such as the For You Page. However, some people in the U.S. have called into question how much access the Chinese government has to its users’ information, since the app is very vague with is privacy settings and policies, for example, it does not allow users to turn off location services and its content moderation policies are very vague. The article also discusses the app’s transition from ‘’ which was TikTok’s former name in the U.S. market.

Link to Article:

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