Tips for Surviving the End of the World….. I mean the Semester

These past few weeks have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and to be honest, it has felt a bit like a bad dream to me. My family chose to go back to Australia right at the end of our spring break because my younger brother is attending boarding school there and my parents didn’t want him to be without all of us when they eventually closed the schools down.

When we walked off of the plane, it resembled something of an apocalyptic movie scene. Government officials were waiting at the gate in full hazmat suits distributing arrival documents where we were supposed to write our place of residence and phone numbers so we could be monitored/checked on during our 14-day enforced quarantine. I have never passed through customs so quickly, as there were barely any international flights landing and the crew from our flight had just been told to stand down until further notice, which meant we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Been at home has been difficult, I already struggle with online classes (which is why I don’t take any), but add being in a completely different time-zone and it makes navigating this new normal 10 times harder. So here are my tips that I would go back in time and tell myself at the beginning of this hot mess of a semester:

  1. Write a To-Do List Every Day: I think that doing this would have helped me to organize my time infinitely better, especially with the time differences. I think this is important because it helps to implement as much structure as possible into your day, which is necessary when you are trying to go about your everyday life without leaving your house.
  2. Communicate with Your Professors: This is a big one because it is important to touch base with your professors when you don’t get to see them during normal class time.
  3. Set Up a Morning Routine: This one was easy for me to practice at the beginning…. and then I got a low-key type of pneumonia 5 days after my enforced quarantine ended and things fell to sh*t. Doing this does help set the tone for the day though because if you have a productive and ordered morning, then the rest of your day is going to follow suit and be productive too.
  4. GTFO of Your Pjs: This one should be self-explanatory. I know we can’t leave our houses, but that doesn’t mean we should fully give up on ourselves either. Every morning I get dressed (even if it is only into workout gear) because I always think, “if I were to suddenly pass out due to unknown reasons and an ambulance had to be called with hot EMTs onboard, I wouldn’t want them to see me in my Peter Rabbit matching pj set.” True story.
  5. Have a Big Calendar Somewhere in Your Room and Mark Off the Days: I didn’t do this and I only realized that we were this far into May on Sunday because it was Mothers’ Day. Also you need to remind yourself that it is not, in fact, Groundhog day and popular to contrary belief, the distinction between weekdays and weekends still exists.
  6. Learn Something New: I would say that you have no excuse to not do this, but the human brain is remarkable and can manage to find ways to procrastinate even when we are stuck in our homes bored with nothing (everything) to do.
  7. Don’t Binge-Watch Shows: We don’t know how long we’ll be stuck like this for and it doesn’t look like the entertainment industry will be opening up anytime soon to make new content for us just because we watched all of Tiger King in one day.

I would wrap this up by saying that this quarantine is an amazing chance for us all to touch elbows, sing kumbaya and work on ourselves and our spiritual wellbeing but I won’t. I can’t wait for this to be over and if this has taught us anything for the future it would have to be don’t inject bleach into our bloodstreams, and when the rest of the world is dropping like flies around us, it is probably best to take the appropriate safety measures instead of acting like it doesn’t exist for a whole month.

Oh it has also taught me to stay home (even though I was and I caught some type of sickness) because there is one thing more painful than the coronavirus itself – the coronavirus test. Seriously I had it done and it isn’t worth it, I PROMISE.

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