How to find your digital footprint.

Digital Footprint: Good or Bad?. At an early age; growing up in a… | by  Katherine | Medium

We often hear about the importance of online privacy and the need we have to scrub our digital footprints from the web. With the advancement of data mining techniques and technologies our personal information is at a greater risk. The question now, is not where our information is (which is basically everywhere), but how to find it and remove it.  This article has six ways you can start looking for the information that is available about your life to the public. Two of the most significant pieces of advice are, to run a security check up scan in your preferred browser. While in browser settings take a look at your privacy settings and adjust them as you see fit. With this browser check-up take a look at your social media accounts. How much personal information is available about your life and the lives of your family members? The aforementioned site gives this example for why cyber security is important. 

“Don’t believe me? Consider this: if a scammer can find your sibling’s name and where they live, they could easily create a legit-sounding imposter scam. Just picture it: you get an urgent call from a “first responder” from <insert community name where your sibling lives>. The caller says there’s been a terrible accident and they need detailed insurance and payment information so they can provide urgently-needed medical care for <insert sibling name>. In your panic and freak out, it would seem entirely plausible because the details add up.” 

Check out these suggestions to better know what information you need to protect and how to find and remove vulnerable personal data.

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