My Favorite App

Hey there guys,

Recently I started crossfit and I LOVE IT!! I go to Brickwall crossfit that is just down the street from SLCC. When I joined Brickwall I didn’t realize that my membership came with app, but it does. It is called Wodify. The app is designed to help you track your progress in class, as well as calculate your nutrition and see the WOD (Work Out of the Day) before you go into class. I use it a lot for that because although I love the work out I need to prepare myself for the WOD. It’s my new favorite app!

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My favorite app would have to be wattpad. What is wattpad? Its awesomeness with more awesomeness. In all seriousness it is the “world’s largest community for readers and writers.” Whatever genre you are into, they have it, and best of all – IT IS FREE. You can read from anywhere. Oftentimes, we are chained by wifi and if there is no wifi, we are cut off from certain apps. With wattpad, whether you are online or offline, you do not have this hanging over your shoulder and you can read without a worry.

Because this is a community of readers and writers, there is bound to be emotions felt when reading. With wattpad, you have and inline commenting section that lets you interact and share your thoughts as you are reading. Inspiration is also a key component to this app because other writers work is bound to influence and inspire you. “You can try your hand at writing” because in all honesty, there is someone ready and waiting to read from you. You can become the next hit in literature. Try it out, create an account, and read until your eyes burn 😮 Jk, but do check it out!






Street Rage: An Awesome App


Gaming is almost my entire life. I eat, breath and dream video games, to an unhealthy degree. And no other game on my phone is played with such veracity and repetition as Kung Fury: Street Rage.

maxresdefault (1)It’s a simple concept. You tap either side of the screen to punch in that direction. As the game progresses, new enemies are introduced that require special combos in order to dispatch them. The longer you go, the more baddies are thrown at you as your combo builds. It’s not complicated, but brilliant and punishingly difficult.

I play this game every opportunity I can, tapping away furiously at the screen, destroying the Nazi thugs, robots and ninjas that foolishly approach my Kung Fu master avatar. It’s an absolute riot, and if you’re up to the challenge, check it out. Maybe you too can become the next Kung Fury!


How to Make Money on YouTube

Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World is podcast technology talk where it give the hints and tips for internet who interested in tech and trying to make money out of it.

Eric Escoba. Tech Talker on  is podcasting or giving tips how to make money on Eric listed steps and guidelines to stay in shape with YouTube regulation or policy so you will not against YouTube law enforcement policy and you could get money out of your favorite or funny  hobby video on YouTube.

Further, there are not only tips for tech, there are also plenty of tips Pets, business, health, parenting, Productivity etc. from different podcast talker. Those tips are helpful and very interesting.

Check them out on:

How to Make Money on YouTube


2 Dope Queens

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2 Dope Queens is an awesome podcast, that does not shy away from controversial/sensitive topics. Hosts Jessica Williams and Pheobe Robinson have a great way of incorporating humor into things such as race, politics, or even just living life as two African American women living in New York. Jessica and Pheobe also utilize the talents and humor from their comedic friends, which provides a sense of diversity and uniqueness.


Generation Like…or Generation Nope?

Image result for overwhelmed by social mediaIn the documentary “Generation Like”, we take a closer look into the lives of teens who have risen to fame through various social media platforms. In a mere fifty three minutes and forty one seconds, we’re shown how teens have allowed “internet fame” to take control of their lives.

Teens seek validation, recognition, and attention from their online “peers” and oftentimes, this is through some form of exploitation.

We’re shown examples of teenage girls who post provocative photos while holding boy’s toys to Instagram and call it “art.” We also saw how “Baby Scumbag”, a young boy from Compton, has shifted his skating career to something that has given him more attention: girls. By posting videos of girls dancing, or even “how to pick up girls” to his Youtube channel, he’s seen a huge growth in his following.

Likes, shares, and subscribes can even go beyond simple “internet” fame and have now created a way for one to earn a living (whether actual money or just free swag.)

Teens with a high enough following, have created their own personal brand, which major companies are wanting to be a part of. Companies like Adidas give free clothing to be worn in a music video, or Ford might lend a car to be used as product placement.

Whether teens realize it or not, they are allowing themselves to  be objectified for no other reason, than to seek fame. It’s time to start thinking less about ourselves, and more about others.