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SWOT 2.0 | SLCC.edu

SWOT 2.0 | SLCC.edu

by studioWord

The Influencers

Captured  by the Internet Archive 1,005 times between Jan. 1997 and Oct. 2014, SLCCs online presence appears to have grown substantially. First recorded by the Internet Archive’s WaybackMachine on 10 December 1997 (http://www.slcc.edu/), its debut featured a tiled SLCC logo, gray schema, a Presidential Welcome, block-style menu buttons, a Novell GroupWise search engine, and lots of links. Social media had no discernable presence. 

SLCC.edu’s early editions offered a two-page scroll whereas today’s presentation is a consolidated landing page of visual elements linked to additional content.

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slcc.edu (1997)

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slcc.edu (1997)

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slcc.edu (2014)

SWOT | SLCC 2.0 Tools & Strategy

Strengths SLCC employs a wide gamut of 2.0 tools, variety and strategies devised to create positive potential to engage and connect learners with internal or external opportunities to achieve objectives using or benefiting from, SLCCs diverse competencies and resources. Aggregative RSS is also used.

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Weaknesses possibly exist in growing reliance on high-speed Internet while younger generations are increasingly eager, prepared and even attuned for Web 2.0 or 3.0 and beyond, and as such, all too happy leaving others behind. Accessibility, privacy, security, uptime and reliability (continuity of service) continue to plague web platforms.

Opportunity is widely evident in SLCCs use and incorporation of Web 2.0 which appears far-reaching in all of its efforts to provide life-long learning and educational opportunity to the community it serves.

In fact, with regard to SLCCs overall 2.0 approach, opportunity is so openly abundant that one of my instructors advised us on the first day of class, “You can do my entire course on your phone.” This seems increasingly true as I am able to take just about any class online.

Threats are identifiable as any external developments that impede achievement of a goal. I think growing dependence-related and retention issues challenge educational institutions as a whole when it comes to web-based learning. Likewise, ‘reluctance issues’ continue to concern institutional learning.

Though Web 2.0 offers unique opportunity, it is as yet no substitute for in-person interaction. Likewise, ever-changing technology, its rate of acceptance or rejection also represent possible threats.


A strong 2.0 SLCC presence can also be felt in a very collaborative upload-edit-and share sort of way on sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Blogger (e.g., The Fountain) and WordPress.

SLCCs dynamic 2.0 applications, read/write tools and stratagems engage internal and external publics alike using integrated web pages, linked content, library and support services, directories and social media channels found on but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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SLCC – YouTube

SLCC Voices on Vimeo

SLCC Voices on Vimeo

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SLCC Twitter

2.0 Implementation

2.0 deployments are coordinated through the Department of Institutional Marketing and Communication’s Interactive Services.

As such, Interactive Services is responsible for www.slcc.edu (external) and MyPage (intranet) website design, maintenance, accessibility and metrics analysis. The team also provides training and technical support for CMS users.

SLCCs Social Media Coordinator creates the College’s social media strategy, manages the social media pages and helps the College progress in the latest digital technologies. Video services include all aspects of post-production videography, audio, effects generation and graphic support for presentation/video media. (SLCC.edu)

My only recommendation for strengthening or changing strategies for an institution would be to continue balancing Web 2.0 offerings equally with equal in-class options. According to one faculty perspective, “face-to-face is the best way.”