The Best App for Vain Individuals


Everybody has an Instagram, and yes your Instagram is being judged by your friends, family, and randoms that might want to get to know you. So being that Instagram’s filled with only pictures whats the best thing that you can do. Post pictures that make you look good and probably make you look better then how you actually look 78% of the time. And considering the fact that most us normal people don’s have a professional photographer following us and editing our photos. But the next best thing is your own free personal photo editing tool that doesn’t make you photos look like S**t.  Ladies and gent’s I present to you the VSCO app. Yes and it is free but if you really want to step up your game you can pay a few bucks for so many more filters and extra.


DeviantArt Dream Up

DeviantArt’s new program Dream Up is a perfect example of a web 2.0 technology.  Headhunting and employment services were a big part of the development of Web 2.0 and this technology early on started to offer a new way for people to start hiring and working with creatives on large projects.  You can read more about Dream Up in Wired Magazines article here.

Music for Every Moment



An app I found i couldn’t live without would be Spotify music app. I have an iPhone but because I have so much music already downloaded on my this app i refuse to use apple music. Spotify has great playlist you can follow or even your friends playlist and listen to all the music you want. Spotify has a  “Discovery Weekly” feature which allows subscribers tune into new music. Its a pretty great way to listen to music. I am able to access this app on any tablet, computer or phone.

Check it out some time its pretty great. I  should know it takes most of my storage.


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NPR has the best RSS Feeds, and they are easily accessible to decide the category and know what you are getting. 


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-Chanel Foote