The Best App for Vain Individuals


Everybody has an Instagram, and yes your Instagram is being judged by your friends, family, and randoms that might want to get to know you. So being that Instagram’s filled with only pictures whats the best thing that you can do. Post pictures that make you look good and probably make you look better then how you actually look 78% of the time. And considering the fact that most us normal people don’s have a professional photographer following us and editing our photos. But the next best thing is your own free personal photo editing tool that doesn’t make you photos look like S**t.  Ladies and gent’s I present to you the VSCO app. Yes and it is free but if you really want to step up your game you can pay a few bucks for so many more filters and extra.




I think my favorite app is a total given since I am ALWAYS snap chatting. It’s one of the best apps because I get to share the random exciting things that happen through out my day. It’s like vlogging but without the tedious editing. I just add it to my story and call it good. I also love watching other peoples stories, I have friends in Dubai and watching their story makes me feel like I’m actually there experiencing the culture in first person.  I also have The Kardashians which I know everyone hates but I love them lol. I love watching their snaps because they’re more natural on their snaps than they are on the “reality” show. I have DJ’s that post the backstage during concert and how it looks like from their view which is so cool because If I go to the show I can experience it in two different perspectives!

All I need are the snap spectacles and I will be SET!  If you dont know what the spectacles are they are literally spectacles (glasses) that let you record a snap hands free you just push the button on the sie and it will automatically add it to your story. Theyre only $129.99 and can be found on Just in case  any of you want to get them for me, feel free too!!


Snapchat Sadness?

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Snapchat was named “the hottest social network of 2015.” Why? Because they were the first ones to make it so your day to day life was accessible. But not too accessible because your photo was gone within ten seconds. Then they just kept growing from there, you could add to a story for 24 hours. You could replay a snap, or just start a chat with no photo needed. Which then grew to companies being able to put up daily articles for everyone to read. Then filters, my personal favorite.

Snapchat was a huge breakthrough for Web 2.0. It completely changed what social networks have ever been before and added fresh new ideas. Before with Facebook you would  post to update friends daily and then pictures were posted occasionally but it stayed on your page forever or until you delete it.

Snapchat is valued at $19 billion. An insane amount considering Facebook once offered to pay $3 billion for it. I guess no matter what that is an insane amount for anything! I would gladly take $19 billion dollars.. But sadly Snapchat is now becoming a thing of the past ever so quickly. They had such breakthrough ideas that other social networks had to develop some too. Instagram now as stories so you are able to share more day to day photos. Facebook now has a live option so you can go live on what you are doing in that moment. Many people have said once Instagram or Facebook get more features on their Snapchat copycat ideas then they will probably get rid of their Snapchats. I am personally a huge fan of Snapchat because you can send personal snaps as well. Whereas with Instagram if you post a story everyone sees it, you don’t have the option to send it to one person.

It’s not like Snapchat will be gone tomorrow but everyone is definitely trying to catch up to their ideas.

For more on Snapchats biggest year here’s an article from Innovation Enterprise.