The Best App for Vain Individuals


Everybody has an Instagram, and yes your Instagram is being judged by your friends, family, and randoms that might want to get to know you. So being that Instagram’s filled with only pictures whats the best thing that you can do. Post pictures that make you look good and probably make you look better then how you actually look 78% of the time. And considering the fact that most us normal people don’s have a professional photographer following us and editing our photos. But the next best thing is your own free personal photo editing tool that doesn’t make you photos look like S**t.  Ladies and gent’s I present to you the VSCO app. Yes and it is free but if you really want to step up your game you can pay a few bucks for so many more filters and extra.


Jaydes Favorite App

I have a love hate relationship with  my favorite app because i end up spending so much time on it. Ill sit down for sometimes a whole hour and just look at memes till 1 in the morning, even when i have  class early the next day. If you haven’t guessed what  it is yet, its Instagram. I don’t post much anymore i just and fallow more meme pages then actual people so my feed is full of spicy memes. Its a great way to pass the time but its not productive and super addictive. Often times after i binge look at memes, it will leave me feeling guilty for spending so much time on my phone. I definitely don’t recommend it but if your sick in bed its a good way to pass the time and laugh a little bit. FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 5.jpg


49803d8eb5ea235a5860ac942caece70_download-png-download-eps-instagram-logo-clipart-png_1024-1024.pngMy favorite app is Instagram! I absolutely love it, it keeps me updated with the latest fashion trends, events and also with what everyone is doing. And the cool thing is you can    it with just a double tap of your finger!

Instagram has changed quite some bit since it first came out, which I like because I am able to do it all in just one app.

I get most of my fashion inspirations and makeup ideas from Instagram, which has also lead me to people I once didn’t know of. Like  The Ace Family, (which I am  currently super obsessed with). Catherine has a great style and tags where she gets her clothes and the products she uses,as to Austin, he likes to pull pranks on his girlfriend and shows his viewers.They  also have the cutest daughter Elle, which they show their journey as first time parents and how they keep their love alive.IMG_1308.PNG

Instagram will take you to new people and have you see stuff that you haven’t seen before, which is why it is my favorite app.



Watching the “Generation Like”  was actually inspiring. Even though it was this young teenager playing practical jokes and dancing with women. He is getting over 200k views on his videos. Getting that many views puts him at an advantage because big brands will want to recruit you to sponsor them, and we all have the ability to do that. These Websites are free like, facebook, twitteryoutube, facebook all we have to do is upload! To me that just amazes me. This was not such a big deal back then but now it’s basically what the world revolves around “LIKES”.  However, I do feel like there could be the downside to it like, not having privacy and having so many people putting their two cents of an opinion. You would definitely have to have thick skin. There will be a lot of people commenting  and criticizing every move you do. But if you ask me who cares what people think?? I’d be  getting paid more every time you give me attention.  


Instagram is the best!

I love using instagram on a daily basis. I let people get a sneak peek of my life through the pictures I post whether that be from the Kanye West concert in Vegas or simply hanging out at the beach while on Vacation. I’m very specific on the pictures I post because I’ve made into a sort of a mood board and I want all pictures to be appealing to my followers and match the mood of my gram! I also make sure that all my pictures have a white border so my gram looks chic and clean!

Not only do I like posting but I also like to follow inspirational people or accounts that post motivational quotes through out the day  and since I get on it daily I’m always getting my daily inspiration dosage. So If you have Instagram you have to make sure to follow @dreamentrepreneur they will have your back when you feel like giving up!


I also love to follow make up and fashion pages and @amrezy gives you the best of both she does some killer make up and is always a step ahead in the fashion game she literally is everything! When, I don’t know what to wear or if I want to try a different make up look her page is always my go to. I literately, hope to be like her one day she has 5.2 million followers and just gets paid to post pictures and on top of that receives FREE make up from companies. She is living the dream and owes it to Instagram.

If you don’t have Instagram I recommend you to get yourself one, and If you do have one make sure to follow me @stephanie!


Instagram Or Nah

Lets just put it all out there. Could I live without Instagram..? Although it would be similar to living in the dark ages, or in an Amish community, yes I would survive. As crazy as it may seem I would still be able to breath air into my lungs and wake up in the morning. Would I miss sliding head first into some beautiful, intelligent, and extremely worldly women’s DM’s… Why of course. Would I meet far less women? Yes. Would my ego become extremely deflated like your 65 going on 25-year-old uncle, when he forgets his Viagra and finally realizes that Bossley doesn’t actually work? And he might have to actually turn to Yes. But besides my deflated ego and my
images.jpegnewly celibate self, my world would become significantly smaller. No I’m serious. As much as Instagram is filled with hype beasts, 16 year olds who look 25 (shout out Kylee Jenner), and booty pic’s (shout out the stair stepper at your local college campus gym) it also sends breaking news onto your screen in a matter of seconds. And as fake as it is, you do get to see things that you wouldn’t normally. I mean I don’t know about you, but besides the ugly girls that think their nude modeling is really an actual form of art, not because it’s the only way that they can get attention. I’ve seen some actual beautiful pictures. It’s also a way to keep in touch with friends who are thousands of miles away that tag you in memes that make you question your decency as a human being. Instagram also lets you express your opinion without your bigoted Aunt Martha calling you names on Facebook for everyone to see. My point being Instagram better be around for a hot sec or else the world will go downhill faster than it already is. And we don’t need that.


The new online generation.


I recently watched an interesting video about how social media is affecting today’s youth and thought I would share some thoughts I had on the subject. The video is called Generation Like ( ) and if you have the time I would recommend watching it as it is very well made.

My thoughts on the matter were more on something that the documentary didn’t talk about on the effects social media can have on today’s youth. All of the pressure for getting a certain amount of likes of favorites often has a very negative impact on kids mental health and can lead to depression and a feeling of not being wanted if they don’t get the same of more like and favorites on their social media posts compared to their friends.

If they don’t receive the help they need to deal with this depression it can be extremely detrimental to the health and cause long term issues that only get harder and harder to deal with as time goes on. Make sure to keep an eye on your friends who might have an unhealthy obsession with social media to make sure they are ok.

For more information on this check out this great article by Bill Wallace

^ CR