The Best App for Vain Individuals


Everybody has an Instagram, and yes your Instagram is being judged by your friends, family, and randoms that might want to get to know you. So being that Instagram’s filled with only pictures whats the best thing that you can do. Post pictures that make you look good and probably make you look better then how you actually look 78% of the time. And considering the fact that most us normal people don’s have a professional photographer following us and editing our photos. But the next best thing is your own free personal photo editing tool that doesn’t make you photos look like S**t.  Ladies and gent’s I present to you the VSCO app. Yes and it is free but if you really want to step up your game you can pay a few bucks for so many more filters and extra.


Emerald City

Everyone longs for the perfect home or the ideal vacation spot or how to get in shape without lifting a finger, well the gateway to this life style is called…Pintrest. Pintrest opens up the flood gates to everything you always wanted. It shows you how to decorate your house to perfection, making those easy contraptions you would break your wallet for and the list goes on. I love Pintrest because its a cyber world that I create starting within my mind to creating its own personal board on Pintrest. My boards range from fashion (of course) to fitness to art and so on and so on. Creating your Pintrest is like creating your own virtual reality, you can really picture your house looking like one of those model homes or you can actually imagine yourself in that beautiful Chanel dress that you could never afford or you can create something like it ( if your artsy like that, I however am not. A girl could dream though). Once you start pintrest-ing you cant stop, you just want more and more and more, you can spend hours on it without realizing it. But that’s part of its glory your creating your own reality through your boards and do what you may with it, to some its only fantasy but to others its a guideline in real life. Anything is possible when you become a pintrester. facebook_share_image.png

Flickr Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines

I have become very involved with the photography website Flickr. Flickr is a very professional photo sharing website owned and operated by Yahoo!

Usually after reading the terms of service on most websites i get a little weary of if i would like to continue using the website, due to the fact that they say they can use your content in any way they like. This was not the case with Flickr. When researching Flickr it was a nice surprise to hear that you have the right to all of your photos and that they will not share them or use them for anything without your permission. It was also nice to see how they controlled content on the website. On Flickr there are three settings that you can set your photos to; “safe”, “moderate”, or “restricted.” Safe indicates that the photos you have uploaded are friendly enough for everyone to view, from your mother to your children. Moderate would be more like the PG-13 area of photos, if there are questionable photos they should probably marked moderate. Restricted are those photos that you definitely wouldn’t want your mother or your children to see, the artsy nude photos or the violent journalistic news photos we tend to unfortunately see more and more.   

I have noticed from using the website that if a security breach does happen and if they think it is a good idea for you to change your password they will send you an email to confirm this suggestion. 

The thing that I liked best about the terms of service was that it wasn’t written like the typical boring terms of service that turns people away. It had a very nice journalism type feel to it. It made me see that the website is very user friendly and makes it seem as if the website is based more around you instead of the corporation that owns it. This is a wonderful way to introduce someone to a website. 

In conclusion, I belive that Flickr is a wonderful website. It seems very safe and user friendly. Any website that can make their terms of service very entertaining and fun to read along with being very professional, safe and user friendly, is a good one in my book. 


Landon Hale