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Back In My Day, We Had To Use A Real Goddamn Thumb

Being almost forty years old, it was rather painful listening to almost an hour of interviews with teenagers and millennials. That said, I think what I take from this is the dichotomies that social networking is creating between positive and negative consequences. On one hand, you see the kid actually making a substantial living from revenue generating components of social media. The downside sees kids, who already have enough insecurities as it is, developing flawed self esteem by either too many followers and “likes” creating a faux sense of self worth to not enough followers and likes resulting in a faux sense of self loathing. In addition, I believe one of the most debilitating aspects of social network is it’s ability to reward someone for simply “intending” to accomplish something as observed in this study (Links to an external site.).

Anyone one can post their intentions of the all the great things they are going to accomplish and receive the same positive feedback without lifting a finger. God, if only it were that easy. (

“Kids All Want Fans”

“Kids All Want Fans”

Generaiton Like_FRONTLINE

“Kids All Want Fans”
By Abraham T. a.k.a. studioWord

The Frontline documentary, Generation Like, conjures definitions of social media “likes,” that identity and empower an online generation while earning “zillions” for corporate enterprise.

Watching Frontline’s, Generation Like, I became increasingly aware of the colorful idioms that defined social media as an experience of both value and identity.

What follows is a rushkoff_digitalnationchronological epistle, written in the expressions, statements and liners from the film.

With more than 20 years of books and classes between them, Frontline’s Frank Koughan and Douglas Rushkoff wove a tale of “Digital revolution,” that asks, “Are we asking the wrong questions about Social Media?

The finalefrank-koughan1 is up to YOU.

“Professional fans create fans of their own” (e.g. Tyler Oakley.) Generaiton Like 3

“Profound content speaks”

“Advertising turns likes into goals.”
“Forget followers, and worry about money”

“Merchants of cool, MTV grew rich on exploiting kids, chasing them down and selling their culture back to them.”


“A Profile pic is visualization”

“The more likes, the better you feel – it’s instant gratification”

“You are what you like”

“Franchise enchantment

“Companies reinvent themselves in terms of consumer communication”

GenerationLike 6“Virtual validation”

“My life online”

“Subscriber confidence”

GenerationLike 1

“Social media obsession”

All about it business…”

“No point in not wanting to rise together”

“Instagram is what she uses”

Like is part of who they are.”

“Content speaks data numbers”

“Currency of likes”

“A volume of like that doesn’t generate itself, is why they want us online as much as possible”

“Promotional participation”

Engagement worth billions.”

“The audience”

“Build and leverage social network”

“Marketing plan crucial”

“Brand support from Ford to Adidas, to The Young and Reckless

Funded art”

Generaiton Like 4Generaiton Like 5
“There’s no difference between brand and your best friend”

“Controlled brushfire”

“Consumer marketer gets the message across”

“Economy of likes”

“Genuine integration”

“Bought the next generation”

“Happy in the moment”

“Don’t know, or want to know”

“Identity through junk food”

Rewards moments”

“Serendipity by design

“Manipulators of social like in place of community?”

“Kids all want fans”

No sponsorship without a zillion hits”

“Pitch behind the scene”

“Fame by association as we pursue the Paradox of Like”

A generation of like means,“the Sky’s the limit for commercial culture”

Miss Representation

by Terry Jackson-Mitchell

“Miss Representation” is a 2011 American documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsome. The documentary has blossomed into a non-profit organization “The Rep Project” which is now a social justice movement that started the uncomfortable conversation of the effects of the limited and often disparaging portrayals of women in mainstream media, misogeny, sexism, politics and how it shapes our life in this country.

The film interweaves stories from teenage girls to grown women with provocative interviews from the likes of Condoleeza Rice, Lisa Ling, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Rosario Dawson, Dr. Jason Katz, Dr. Jean Kilbourne and Gloria Steinam to give an inside look at the media and its message. The film’s motto, “You can’t be what you can’t see,” underscores an implicit message that young women need and want positive role models and that the media has thus far neglected its unique opportunity to provide them. The film includes a social action campaign to address change in policy, education and call for socially responsible business.

Oprah purchased the right to premier the documentary on the OWN network for OWNs Documentary Film Club” February 10, 2011.This was a significant victory for the producers of the film and the movement first emerged on the internet November 2009 with a very basic page illustrating the aspirations of the documentary. But wasn’t updated again until May 11, 2011 with pages for information on screening dates, introductions of the team, requests for donations and “take the pledge”. At that time, TAKE THE PLEDGE became a social action campaign and media organization established to shift people’s consciousness, inspire individual and community action, and ultimately transform culture so everyone, regardless of gender, age or circumstance can fulfill their potential. October 7, 2011 the facebook and blog page appeared on the site.

The “Representation Project” movement uses the power of people to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes with the hope to shift people’s consciousness towards change. Interactive campaigns, strategic partnerships and education initiatives inspire individuals and communities to challenge the status quo and ultimately transform culture so everyone, regardless of gender, race, class, age, or circumstance can fulfill their potential.

There is a team of social media managers that handle the Rep Project newsletter,twitter and facebook page you can pledge to represent the change you want to see for women & girls. Youake action daily and tweet to connect with others by bringing awareness to media or politics that empower or disparage women or girls.

The Rep Project is call-to-action campaign grew out of the film that includes:

1) a Twitter campaign to call out offensive media
2) a crowd-sourced list of media that represent women and girls fairly
3) a virtual internship program to recruit representatives
4) guides for media representation conversation starters
5) guides for electing females for political office
6) weekly action alerts
7) gender equality principles
8) tools for action

I believe this documentary helped our country gain more women in the house and the senate. The uncomfortable conversations brought about from this documentary motivated me to go back to college and pursue becoming a social justice artist. My life changed dramatically from this empowering documentary. It is a life changing documentary. I have bought several copies of the film and distributed them to several women and girl juvenile justice programs in Salt Lake County.


Outstanding Documentary at the Gracie Allen Awards”
2011 Sundance Official Selection
Audience Award – Palo Alto Film Festival
Movies Matter Award – Maui Film Festival
Audience Award – Sonoma Film Festival
Based in San Francisco

By Terry Jackson-Mitchell

Baugh – Thoughts on “Generation Like”

How is it that as I watched the Frontline episode entitled, “Generation Like”, I felt torn? Half of me worried for these kids and how they may grow up not understanding truly how the world is, while the other half of envied them and wished I had the same amount of popularity and endorsements from Brand-name companies.

I loved this show for the way it explained everything so well. I felt like I was understanding the market much better. I want to work in this social media world full time and I want to understand it from the view point of those that are deep in it. The show dug deep into social currency but didn’t dig into the actual currency for either those that are creating the content or for the companies that endorse the content creators.

I have my own identity on social media and I have a business that I would like to promote using social media. I am excited to learn more about the skills and tools that “TheAudience” uses to promote their clients. I am looking at doing a semester with the Walt Disney Company and shadow those in the social media realm. All of which in order to help boost my career as a photographer and content creator.

Matt Baugh

Matt Baugh


Tegra Note 7

I have been in the market for a new tablet. Something that fits my needs as a student, photographer, and technophile. I love to share the things I see in life with my friends, especially when searching the web. So when it came to looking for a tablet I was looking for a few specific features: Connectivity, size, camera, speed, and ease of sharing. Apple products are completely out and I would write more describing my absolute loathing for their products, but I will save you the beautifully composed prose and argument against them.

I was looking for one key feature that is a rarity in tablets these days, and may at one point either take a more prominent role in tablet design or go the way of the keyboard on cell phones. A stylus! I love the idea of being able to really write my thoughts down on paper with a pen stroke. They say that writing things down is more effective for memory retention than typing. So with this one criteria, it narrows my options to a handful of tablets. Of the few, the best of them seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab family. But in my searching, I came across the Tegra Note 7.

The Tegra Note 7 had one thing that not many stylus tablets could boast having, and that was a $200 price ticket. The specs were just as impressive. I know what I’ll be getting.

Tegra Note 7

Tegra Note



Operating Systems

Operating System


CPU Type
NVIDIA Tegra 4


Screen Size
LCD Features
In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
1280 x 800


NVIDIA GeForce 72-core GPU

Hard Drive





802.11n Wireless LAN


1 x HDMI

Supplemental Drive



Battery Life
> 5 hours

Physical spec

0.7 lbs.

By Matt Ace Baugh

Apples “Remote” App

I dont know if you are anything like me but if you are you happen to loose your apple tv remote ALL the time! Well Thanks to this wonderful app you never need to worry about that again! Just download it from the app store it looks like this…Image

Once you have it downloaded just link it with the same network that your apple tv is on and you will be on your way to never worrying about where that stupid little remote is again! Image


Kyle Fischer