Social Media Key To 2016 Presidential Win?


Looking into past candidates that entered a presidential race, the candidate would create a tv clip to offer their platform such as Ronald Regan. They may choose to deliver a speech to an audience like Bill Clinton from his home state or Barack Obama chose the state of a personal hero. As of late, some recent candidates have chosen similarly. They’ve announced their bid from a chosen state they call “home” such as Rand Paul or place of parental immigration and birthplace such as Mark Rubio. The candidate may pick a place of sentimentality such as Mitt Romney, before he seceded, he chose to announce his bid from the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, where his father had business and government ties. Or they may choose a backdrop that is symbolic of what they stand for such as Ted Cruz. On April 12, 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her presidential bid through a social media venue YouTube. Surprised?  Not really.

While Hillary Clinton was serving as America’s First Lady, Web 2.0 made its debut in 1999. This was the year she began her run for New York Senator. Her campaign was a “listening” tour with little or no use of social media.

Her 2008 Presidential bid was unlike her senate run; it had web 2.0 weaved throughout earning her the nickname “Hillary 2.0”. She used a video on the internet to declare her run for president. She met with viewers through online chat forums addressing concerns of people. She utilized her website to stream a live video to answer questions. She operated email and blogs. She had a MySpace account. Supporters were asked to share YouTube videos to their social media accounts.  Although ambitious in her Web 2.0 movement; she was surpassed by her opponent Barack Obama who’s team possessed a more savvy and effective method of social marketing and data collection.

Soon, Hillary was appointed as Secretary of State in 2009 under the Obama administration.  She expanded her social media experience to reach the U.S. population and to open communications in other countries.  She requested governments throughout the world to open the usage of internet and social media. According to the BBC, in a February 2011 speech, Hillary Clinton hailed social media and the internet as the world’s “town square, classroom, marketplace, coffee house and nightclub.”  She introduced “21st Century Statecraft” which is the use of internet and social media to achieve foreign policy goals.

Another situation Secretary Clinton manifested her usage of social media was utilizing and sending out text messages to successfully fundraise for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

In June of 2013 Hillary Clinton joined Twitter.

On April 8, 2015 Hillary Clinton’s campaign joined YouTube.

April 12, 2015 Hillary joined Facebook

Hillary Clinton is embarking on yet another presidential campaign with an even stronger Web 2.0 presence leading the way. Those on her media team include key players that helped President Barack Obama successfully navigate the world of political campaigning through social media. Although currently unable to make comparisons between the 2008 bid and the current 2016 that has included a unique presidential announcement through YouTube; it is going to be interesting to see if the team that helped Obama prevail two terms as President of the United States using Web 2.0 can successfully usher in the first woman president in U.S. history.



Ellen DeGeneres has been an entertainer since the 1980’s. She started as a stand up comedian and eventually moved on to becoming an actress, writer, and author.

She has overtaken the social media game with her social influence as a public figure, and has sky rocketed within the last seven years. Ellen has used Web 2.0 to her advantage in many ways. She has a twitter following of a little over 29.5 million followers. An example of her using social media as a strength was her Oscar selfie. Which was quoted as “The greatest selfie of all time.” Ellen made this a success by not simply tweeting the photo but she engaged with her followers. She captioned the photo by saying, “we’re going to try to beat the all-time record for retweets.” Which in turn, she did by a land slide.


Ellen has a social media team that makes her one of the all time best. Her content is interesting and capturing to her audience. The frequent activity online keeps her ahead of the game. She also has changed the entire experience of daytime television. Most of her content on her show comes from various stories online. She engages with her viewers and encourages the use of Web 2.0 to express yourself.

There is no mistaking Ellen and her contagious personality. Millions love her and it is easy to see why. She is a leading advocate for LGBT community and has reached many people by her voice and not being afraid to speak out for what she believes and stands for. She has and continues to use her voice through social media to inspire and reach millions.

Kaley West


I just recently started listening to a few different podcast. Usually when I am at home, I will listen to This American Life. This podcast ranges from so many different topics. I mostly enjoy the podcast that have to do with film reviews. I was recommend this podcast from my brother and seem to enjoy most of what they have to say.

Kaley West

Terms & Conditions?? Aint nobody got time for that.

I use my Tumblr frequently and have never read the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy. I found it interesting in knowing how they use my information. With tumblr, the only personal information they ask for is your email. This is shared with third parties and they use this primarily to contact and communicate with their users. They also use your location with a geolocator generator. They use this to find where their current users are and to keep track of current posts and affairs. One thing that I did not know before hand had to do with deleting my account. It states that even if I delete my account all my information will be saved on their servers. This will be accessed even if there is a security breach. This pretty much tells me that little trash icon, should actually be a recycling can. Its there forever!!!

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Tumblr Web2.0

As of April 2015, ranked Tumblr as one of the top 15 Web 2.0 websites on the internet. Tumblr contains so many aspects to their website that definitely qualifies them a spot on this list. Tumblr is a social networking website with a multiblogging platform. This website allows users to post anything from photos, links, quotes, videos etc. From the layout of each page, it provides a clear outline for each user to design their page. As a user of this website you can blog from anywhere; your tablet, phone, computer, or laptop. Resulting in this website to not only contain Web 2.0 characteristic but also makes it extremely user friendly.

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Oh, they joys of pre-election season are upon us as we begin to see the surge of candidates for presidency arise from all directions. One candidate who has found herself at the eye of a media storm and has recently formally announced her run for the top spot is Hillary Clinton. With that being said, Clinton is no stranger to being widely recognized; thus, her use of Web 2.0 has evolved as the waves of change require a public figure to. How has she used web tools in her favor and how does she continue to use them today? Let’s explore the answer to these questions.

A little digging revealed that Clinton’s Facebook page became active (meaning it existed and had substantial content uploaded) on May 15, 2007, around the time that Facebook was gaining major prevalence. Then, on January 16, 2008, Clinton’s Twitter was established as well. Coincidentally enough, at the time that Clinton began to establish her social media presence alongside many other Americans, she was in the midst of partaking in the United States presidential election of 2008.

Not able to find any snapshots of what these social pages used to look like for the former first lady, I decided to explore her use of the platforms today—seven years later. Social media today is of course more powerful than it was in 2008 and this proves to be true when noting that Hillary’s presidential campaign announcement made a huge splash on social media just days ago (racking up more conversation on Twitter and Facebook than the combined launch announcements of Republican senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul). According to Facebook, 4.7 million people “generated 10.1 million interactions (likes, posts, comments, shares) related to Hillary Clinton and her announcement”. Libya Clinton Visit

Before I go any further, I feel it important to share with you how Hillary has emphasized the importance of social media while she has represented the United States as secretary of state. Clinton has been noted as saying, “We are in the age of participation, and the challenge is to figure out how to be responsive, to help catalyze, unleash, channel the kind of participatory eagerness that is there.” She has tried to institutionalize this change, by making social media a focus for foreign service officers and up to the ambassadorial level. By late 2011, the department had 288 Facebook accounts and 192 Twitter feeds. The change was enough for daughter Chelsea Clinton to refer to the secretary as “TechnoMom”.

With the election underway, Clinton continues to advocate her stance on this importance. Her team has revitalized her Facebook, Twitter, and also chose to release the campaign announcement video via YouTube. The appropriately named campaign website,, encourages the user to participate through the inclusion of widgets to the aforementioned social media platforms on the home page of the site. I did a little calculating and since the announcement Clinton* has tweeted 8.2 times per day. For comparison’s sake, Rand Paul has tweeted 13.5 times a day. There is no actual research that could suggest that tweeting too much is counterproductive; but seeing these numbers does help us carry out research as this election unfolds.

*Tweets directly from Hillary are signed by her. Mandy Grunwald is Clinton’s senior media consultant. It is inferred that Grunwald alongside other campaign members do the Tweeting otherwise.

It was mentioned previously, but I must state again: Hillary Clinton announced her presidency campaign through a Tweet and a YouTube video. The actual moment she revealed this to the world, she did so through social media and this speaks volumes about the importance of Web 2.0 today. The struggle though, will continue to be to become and/or appear relatable. Clinton seems to have a firm grasp on how to use these tools to her advantage, but with the scrutiny she has undergone in the past, it is important to prepare for just about anything.

I wonder… will we one day vote for our president just as we’d vote for our favorite contestant on American Idol? Maybe Hillary will suggest that.