Who is Coming to Town!

Who is Coming to Town!

The long-running sci-fi TV show Doctor Who is airing another Christmas special. This year the Doctor will be teaming up with a mysterious, masked superhero for an epic adventure to save New York City from an alien attack. This episode will feature Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Matt Lucas as Nardole, Justin Chatwin as Grant, and Charity Wakefield as an investigative reporter. To follow up the Christmas special BBC America will air a “Doctor Who Takeover Marathon.”

This special is set to premiere on Sunday, December 25, at 9/8c on BBC America.

Virtual Christmas Cards

christmas-card-maker-ugiqchm7 The 21st century has proven many people don’t have much time for anything – especially during the holidays. It’s a constant go, trying to get all the best deals, to figuring out what to get your loved ones. Let’s not forget the holiday parties as well. I know, buying Christmas cards isn’t just a hassle but it’s SO TIME CONSUMING! Well thanks to technology, you can create personalized holiday cards right in the palm of your hand. iTunes has a great holiday card app that you can get everything done and sent electronically.

The only downfall is it may not seem as sincere getting a virtual holiday card, but it’s the thought that counts! Sometimes things are easier online than snail mail!


Happy Holidays!


Cocoa and Christmas Movies!!



When you’re looking outside and see a wonderful white snowy blizzard, all you want to do is cuddle into those warm blankets and drink hot cocoa. And being the holiday’s turning on a Christmas movie is a must. Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, Direct TV or wading through that massive DVD collection you’ve compiled, whichever comforts your the most. You will eventually start scrolling through every possible Christmas movie imaginable and think, “The Hebrew Hammer?! Is that even a Christmas movie?” Look no further, below is a list of the top Christmas movie you can wrap yourself in while sipping on that cocoa!!

Top 20 Christmas movies!! 

A Beyonce Christmas!

BEYONCE herself drops new Christmas line on her online store,


Here she features word plays on word plays with an, “Sleigh all Day” hoodie, some lemons in a stocking tee, and her face surround by Christmas decor, how neat.

Christmas can be overwhelming and difficult to shop for everyone on the list. No sane person hates Beyonce so get them a gift they wont re-gift!

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright this 2016,

Boy bye. 




Holiday Shopping…

If you didn’t take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s not the end of the world.   There is still time and hope for you, just take a deep breath and take these helpful tips;

  1. Make a list of the top people who you need to buy a gift (mom, dad, sister, your boss).
  2. AVOID shopping on the weekend, it’s the day most people have off and it’s holiday season, instead go during the week most places close at 9pm.
  3. If your a procrastinator and are reading this a week before Christmas, amazon prime is your new best friend. Holiday_Shopping_events_FotoliaHalfpointL.jpg