Instagram is the best!

I love using instagram on a daily basis. I let people get a sneak peek of my life through the pictures I post whether that be from the Kanye West concert in Vegas or simply hanging out at the beach while on Vacation. I’m very specific on the pictures I post because I’ve made into a sort of a mood board and I want all pictures to be appealing to my followers and match the mood of my gram! I also make sure that all my pictures have a white border so my gram looks chic and clean!

Not only do I like posting but I also like to follow inspirational people or accounts that post motivational quotes through out the day  and since I get on it daily I’m always getting my daily inspiration dosage. So If you have Instagram you have to make sure to follow @dreamentrepreneur they will have your back when you feel like giving up!


I also love to follow make up and fashion pages and @amrezy gives you the best of both she does some killer make up and is always a step ahead in the fashion game she literally is everything! When, I don’t know what to wear or if I want to try a different make up look her page is always my go to. I literately, hope to be like her one day she has 5.2 million followers and just gets paid to post pictures and on top of that receives FREE make up from companies. She is living the dream and owes it to Instagram.

If you don’t have Instagram I recommend you to get yourself one, and If you do have one make sure to follow me @stephanie!



Snapping Away



I really enjoy snap-chatting on Snapchat!

Well, at least snapping the fun, exciting and funny things that happen in my life. Snapping from whats going on in class, to what my friends and I are doing to even just show the cuteness of my baby niece, snapchat always keeps me entertained. Playing with the filters is super fun. Thats like the one thing that I love because you could either look super cute in a filter or look super weird, you just never know.

I think there’s just something about capturing the moment, posting it on my story all to just show everyone what great life I’m living. I’m not trying to brag or anything, I just like to show how much of a great day I’m having.

For example look at Kourtney Kardashian, her snaps are always super fab and amusing to watch. Lets not forget how amazing she is for posting her morning workouts.

Like i said once before, Snapchat is a lot of fun, it’s even better when you’re randomly recording minding your own business and then out of no where catch something funny thats happening at that very moment (which does happen quite often in my life). I think I would find it hard to give up, I mean I probably could it would just take some time & getting used to it. But snapchat is really great, i highly recommend it.

If you don’t believe me, just add me on snapchat!! @yetzyyy


Blog Post Web 2.0

Web Maker 2.0

For this blog assignment I found a cool Web Maker 2.0 snippet article about a chrome extension for web developers or designers. In the article it talks about the new features it has such as save and load creations, pane collapsing with saved states, easy add popular JS/CSS libraries, infinite loop protection, and more. It’s just another flavor but it’s selling point to me anyways is it works offline, which means….. no lag! The author mentions that sure there are other services like Codepen, JSFiddle, CSSDeck but they all need to be online. They also have issue with lag sometimes when you’re trying to edit your code in real time and don’t want to use built in functionality in your IDE. It’s easy to use, just go to the link provided above and click the ‘GET IT’ button to install the extension for chrome. All you have to do next is open a new tab and start coding. This is convenient when you want to see your code in real time but don’t want to use programs like Brackets on inferior Apple products or be online at all! This could be convenient if you still wanted to program and your ISP was down (@#)($#@ Comcast! This is also really useful for testing and you can move the left rows over so your code is more compact and your content is more visible. It also looks like the main content area is responsive as well, which is a really nice feature.



‘Generation Like’ Blog Post

I watched the video “Generation Like” at the following link . I feel like after watching this, my opinion of Facebook or other social media sites hasn’t changed. It’s all about one thing, money. Likes equal money, because of the interactions surrounding content. Companies know how to take the data collected and turn it into money, through avenues like advertising. How is this any different than any other form of advertising? I would argue in the way it’s engaged and the platform it’s on. Facebook desperately tries to get their news feed algorithm to be as accurate as possible, which would in turn enhance a user’s experience in using the site, and ultimately would be more profitable for them from an advertising standpoint.

After watching this video, I read an article about how their news feed algorithm works on a basic level, and it’s pretty creepy, borderline big brother (


It does remind me the movie Minority Report where advertising is all around us and is engaging us in different ways. The scene in the movie is where Tom Cruise walks into to a mall and it scans his retina, then immediately starts to tell him about his recent purchases, welcomes him back, offers him new suggestions for things to buy ( I know this example is exaggerated, but doesn’t seem like it’s too far removed from becoming a reality someday.

‘Generation Like’ also talks about how using social media and ‘likes’ gives them a voice and a platform to be heard. An example of this is YouTube where anyone’s a star and YouTube channels are making people serious money ( Personally speaking, not everyone needs to voice their opinions and I feel like it creates a generation of ‘oversharing’. Is there any transparency between our real life and our profile?


Instagram Or Nah

Lets just put it all out there. Could I live without Instagram..? Although it would be similar to living in the dark ages, or in an Amish community, yes I would survive. As crazy as it may seem I would still be able to breath air into my lungs and wake up in the morning. Would I miss sliding head first into some beautiful, intelligent, and extremely worldly women’s DM’s… Why of course. Would I meet far less women? Yes. Would my ego become extremely deflated like your 65 going on 25-year-old uncle, when he forgets his Viagra and finally realizes that Bossley doesn’t actually work? And he might have to actually turn to Yes. But besides my deflated ego and my
images.jpegnewly celibate self, my world would become significantly smaller. No I’m serious. As much as Instagram is filled with hype beasts, 16 year olds who look 25 (shout out Kylee Jenner), and booty pic’s (shout out the stair stepper at your local college campus gym) it also sends breaking news onto your screen in a matter of seconds. And as fake as it is, you do get to see things that you wouldn’t normally. I mean I don’t know about you, but besides the ugly girls that think their nude modeling is really an actual form of art, not because it’s the only way that they can get attention. I’ve seen some actual beautiful pictures. It’s also a way to keep in touch with friends who are thousands of miles away that tag you in memes that make you question your decency as a human being. Instagram also lets you express your opinion without your bigoted Aunt Martha calling you names on Facebook for everyone to see. My point being Instagram better be around for a hot sec or else the world will go downhill faster than it already is. And we don’t need that.


Spotify: Music Connects People

Spotify: Music Connects People

To give up music would mean to give up life itself. Music in my opinion is a universal language, in the sense that people can understand who you are, what your feeling and so much more. Music is a cheaper form of therapy and one I would choose over some stiff any day!

Music gets me through my day, I am listening to my music any time I can through out my day. When I’m sad I like listening to sad music, when I’m happy I listen to music that makes me happy or gets me excited for the day. Most people use music as a form of expression and they attach emotions, events and people to certain genres and songs. One of my favorite things to do is sit with someone and exchange songs back and forth to get a deeper sense of their being, I think it can be the most intimate thing you can experience with another person. Peer into their soul.

Spotify comes in handy for this because people can make their own playlist and you can go and search for songs or genres and listen to a playlist someone else has already compiled and you can get a good sense of who that person is and see what he or she may be experiencing  just through their type of music and vice versa. Spotify is very accessible and you can find almost anything on there and create numerous playlist for yourself. I feel the only down fall is 1. all the commercials and 2. you have to pay for it ( I know I’m cheap) but really though who wants to pay for music when you can download almost anything now a days, call me old fashion I guess but its worth it! high-fidelity-style-guide-gear-patrol-lead-full“Now, the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do’s and don’ts. First of all you’re using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel. This is a delicate thing.”    Rob- High Fidelity