Pac 12 Now


This is my favorite app on my phone because whenever a University of Utah football game is being broadcasted on the Pac 12 Network, it is live streaming on the Pac 12 Now app. The Pac 12 Now app is also awesome because you can watch highlights, and sports shows from the Pac 12 all in one place. all you have to do is put in your account information with your TV provider and it will stream everything for you over your phone. it is a great app because if you are a spots fanatic like me, you want all of the most up to date, and current information coming across an app. or you want to watch sporting events live and the Pac 12 now app allows you to do so.

My Favorite App (Currently)

I couldn’t write a blurb about my current favorite app without giving a shout-out to my “basic necessity” apps first. I couldn’t live without Google Maps, as I have no navigational skills or even a good sense of direction. I couldn’t live without Facebook, as the events that I get invited to or suggested to attend make up my weekly plans. My job revolves around eBay, so I couldn’t get very far without that very efficient little app as well.

With that said, my current favorite app is… *drumroll*… a game. That’s right, I’m currently hooked on a little mobile game called “Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes”. I’ve been an avid PvZ fan since 2010, so of course I downloaded their latest creation this last week. And it’s a good time – they’ve combined collectible card games with their classic tower defense formula in a very addicting little free-to-play app. Collect plant (or zombie!) cards, make a deck, and defend your garden. Play against the computer in a well-done campaign, or fight against other players in real-time. I highly recommend giving it a shot (as I need more opponents)!

Check it out here!



Music for your soul!!


One of my favorite apps right now is Apple Play. As a student, they offer a discounted monthly price, which for us struggling “poor” students is awesome!  With Apple Music they have you categorize genre’s, artists, songs, that you love the most. With this information, they create playlists personalized for you, based on what you have told them. But this is not all, you can download all this music you want right onto your phone without paying that annoying $1.99 or more fee every time. With being able to search for any type of music you would like on Apple Music, you are able to really broaden your scope of listening. I don’t know about you but, it’s annoying when that one friend only listens to country, or pop, and never really seeks out what really music has to offer us. Which for most, is an escape from reality, our own personal feel-good time.

Feed your soul here!

Learning new languages easy!


Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but thought it would be too hard? Well, do I have the killer app for you! I love duolingo, I admit I have not been using it for very long and probably not as frequently as I should if I wanted to become more fluent in another language. But that doesn’t change the fact that it makes learning a new language super easy and super fun. It encourages you to keep learning the language by giving you points every day you log into the app and do a course. The courses themselves are not too long and really do a good job at getting you to remember the words they are trying to teach you

If you have ever wanted to learn a new language in your life ever I would highly encourage you to download Duolingo and see if they offer that language or if they are planning to add it in the future. You will not regret it and you may be able to achieve a dream a lot of people have of speaking multiple languages but didn’t pursue because they thought it was too hard.


Made 2 Measure

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 12.48.49 PM.pngscreen696x696-1.jpeg

I would say most people have some sort of religious or spiritual belief system; to appear like the masses I also follow in that tradition.  Made 2 Measure is that for me, it keeps me up to date with what’s going on in everything FASHION!1!! It’s like a book from your childhood, more pictures and less words and what’s more reminiscent then that.